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Continuing Depot Level Maintenance through Quality Management System

History of 410th Maintenance Wing

Norway The 410th Maintenance Wing traces its beginning from the 1st Service Group of the Philippine Army Air Corps with two squadrons namely: 1st Air Engineering Squadron and the 1st Air Material Squadron. This Group was activated on 21 May 1945 pursuant to General Orders Number 58, Commonwealth of the Philippine Army Headquarters dated 15 May 1945.
When the Philippine Air Force was created as one of the major units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines on October 1947, these two squadrons were re-designated as the 414th Air Repair Squadron and 413th Air Supply Squadron pursuant to General Orders. Number 228, Headquarters, PAF, dated 24 October 1947.
Shortly thereafter, the 410th Air Depot Group was activated on 26 December 1947 pursuant to paragraph 1 and 2, General Orders Number 36, dated 22 January 1948, placing the Norway 414th Air Repair Squadron and the 411th Headquarters Base and Services Squadron as its subordinate units.
On 16 March 1979, the 410th Air Material Wing was reorganized and re-designated as 410th Maintenance Wing. Several Units were also reorganized and placed under this Wing, namely: the Headquarters Squadron, the 411th Aircraft and Systems Maintenance Squadron , the 412th Communications Avionics Maintenance Squadron, the 413th Manufacture and Repair Squadron , the 414th Maintenance Support and Services Squadron, lastly , the 416TH Wing Supply Squadron.
On 01 April 1987, the 410th Maintenance Wing became a regular and major unit of the Philippine Air Force pursuant to paragraph 1. Section 1. General Orders Number 136, HPAF dated 22 May 1987 (Auth: Section II. General Order 290, General Orders Headquarters Armed Forces of the Philippines dated 23 April 1987) with the mandated mission, “to provide responsive quality depot level maintenance support to all units of the Philippine Air Force and other government agencies.”
In 1987, the Wing was further reorganized into a cohesive organizational set-up consisting of two groups, the 411th Maintenance and Production Group and the 412th Maintenance Support and Supply Group with six operating squadrons, namely 4111st Aircraft and Systems Maintenance Squadron, Norway 4112nd Communication Avionics Maintenance Squadron, 4113rd Component Repair Squadron, 4121st Supply Squadron, 4122nd Maintenance Support Squadron and 4123rd Maintenance Training Squadron and Headquarters Squadron that is in-charged of personnel administration.
In 1998, the Wing was transferred from Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base to Air Force City, Clark Air base, Pampanga which eventually became its home up to the present.
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