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Continuing Depot Level Maintenance through Quality Management System
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Inspection Repair As Necessary (IRAN) T41D Aircraft Nr 955


22 August 2016 – aircraft turned-in to 410th Maintenance Wing for scheduled DMLR program – Inspection Repair As Necessary (IRAN) with 16,820:07 Hours accumulated airframe total time. IRAN Package included but not limited to: Disassembly of major airframe parts and components; De-painting; Non-destructive Inspection (NDI) of critical and stressed areas of fuselage, wings, empennage, landing gears; Corrosion treatment; airframe and structural repairs; Inspection, repair and testing of Radio, Electricals, and Instruments (REI); Inspection and rigging of flight and engine controls; Painting and markings; Weight and Balance; and In-Process Inspection (IPI). The materials and Repair Requirements (MRR) were provided by the AETDC. Total Man-Hours – 2,192:25 19 October 2016 – Maintenance Operational Checks (MOC) – systems Check, In-Process Inspection, Trouble-Shooting, and Corrective Actions. 20 October 2016 – first Functional Check Flight (FCF) 21 October 2016 – Full Mission Capable (FMC)
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