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Continuing Depot Level Maintenance through Quality Management System
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Overhaul of Heli-Components for the Reparable Cycle Assets (RCA) PMT Project


4113rd CRS personnel performing inspection and tagging of newly overhauled Transmission Assembly, Main Input Quill Assy and 42 Deg Gear Box Assy prior to turn-in to 4121ST SS. On 18 Jul 17, the Heli-Component personnel started the overhaul of 1 ea Transmission Assembly, 1 ea 42 Deg Gear Box Assy, and 2 ea Main Input Quill Assy of the RCA PMT Project at Heli-Component Shop, 4113RD CRS. The repair and overhaul were successfully completed on 18 August 2017 and are now ready for issuance to using units for installation to UH-1H Helicopter of the 205th THW and Super Huey Helicopter of the 505th SRG.
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